Privacy Policy

Werkstraat takes the privacy of the users very seriously. All information about you will be processed and used safely. Here in this document, you can find our privacy policy. When you access our service, you agree on the privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

About Werkstraat

Werkstraat is a company registered in The Netherlands. The company is a platform for companies to post their jobs and for job seekers to apply for jobs.

What kind of information

To use the service of Werkstraat, you will have to create an account as an employer. Creating an account as a job seeker is not possible yet (October 2020). When doing this, you will have to fill in information about yourself. The following information will be processed: Company name/user/e-mail/social media links/website/type of jobs/location.

When submitting jobs we collect information about the job type/salary/location.

We do not have any other personal information about you except demographic, indirect and website behavior.

Sensitive data such as passwords and accounts are confidential and is not collected. This data is saved automatically and not registered by Werkstraat.

Financial information, medical and other mental or health conditions also belongs to this part of sensitive data.


Werkstraat collects these information to: match employers with job seekers, to send newsletters, jobs, events or promotions, to secure and improve our website.


This privacy policy is focused on using this website. Changes of the website can lead to change of the privacy policy. Check the privacy policy regularly for any updates.

October 2020.